Thomas Dye

Lighting Designer
Event Manager
Software Tech

About Me

Welcome to my world of expertise, where innovation meets excellence in the fields of Lighting Design, Event Management, and Software Technology. I’m a highly motivated professional with a robust background in these areas, ready to bring unparalleled solutions to your projects.

As a Lighting Designer, I craft mesmerizing visual experiences that leave a lasting impact. In my role as an Event Manager, I excel in orchestrating seamless events that exceed expectations. Additionally, my expertise in Software Technology ensures that I approach challenges with cutting-edge solutions.

I thrive under pressure, excel in problem-solving, and continuously expand my knowledge to stay at the forefront of these industries. With a unique blend of technical prowess and artistic flair, I create captivating experiences that illuminate your world.

What I Do


I Create Memories

Embrace the extraordinary! In my world, whether orchestrating remarkable events, illuminating spaces with mesmerizing lighting, or crafting software that defies the ordinary, I am a maestro of unforgettable experiences. With boundless creativity, I conjure moments that etch themselves into the tapestry of your life. Together, we’ll embark on a journey where every project becomes an epic memory, a masterpiece, and a story told for generations to come.

Multifaceted Production Mastery

Theatre and Festival Leadership

Dynamic Software Development

Technological Visionary

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