Seriously who is this guy! 
Thomas Dye  

Thomas Dye 

A young, capable, experienced computer specialist, video, lighting, and sound technician. Self-motivated, enthusiastic, keen to learn and contribute to making excellent productions. Successful in school productions and with knowledge of I.T. networks and video infrastructure. Thomas' career objective, which he is excited about, is having a career in video production, sound, and lighting. He is also somewhat of a secret or maybe not so secret server guy who loves just playing around with computers, he has experience in AWS and Google cloud.
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Computer Experience - building and maintaining: web server, VPN, networking infrastructure, Python Programmes, LDAP, Apple IOS programming in swift, work experience with Everis about blockchain and security (check it out),    currently working on home automation.

Production Experience: Video, supported and appeared on various Cruise Ship productions (Grease, Mamma Mia, Flight, 1970, Hairspray) and technicians deck of Thriller Live and Cats, sound and lighting for school productions: Mary Poppins, Beauty, and the Beast.

Schooling , Future

I attended Manshead CE Acadamy for my secondary school where I studied the following: media, drama, computing, English, maths.

I now currently attend The Brit School in Croydon United Kingdom, currently studying production arts with the main study in lighting.

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